Good or bad ‘session etiquette’ - recording without permission?

Question: Is it good or bad ‘session etiquette’ to video or audio record (including facebook live) a session without permission?


51% of people who took part in the survey indicated that it was bad session etiquette to video, audio record or stream sessions live on facebook without asking musicians permission. 14% thought it was good etiquette, 9% qualified their answers (see below) and 26% didn't know.

'Other' category Responses

Here are a sample of the answers given to this question.

- ‘Audio: fine, Video: NO.’

- ‘Its generally better to ask’

- ‘I have recorded sets for the purpose of learning the tunes. However, FB or for commercial purposes is a No, NO!!’

- ‘It happens; I've quit caring’

- ‘Don't mind it as long as they ask and have the light not blaring in your face’

- ‘Had never bothered me once they're not sticking a recorder in your face. It would be manners to ask three musicians if it's okay to post on social media unless you know them well.’

- ‘I don't love that but as long as I don't end up on youtube drooling. I ask them not to put it on social media.’

- ‘I have mixed feelings about this. I think recording a few seconds of music and sharing it is ok; keeping recordings going without letting people know, so that you might capture bits of their conversation, is bad etiquette.’

- ‘Audio is ok but not acceptable on fb without permission’

- ‘Mp3 recorder with permission is good for the tradition. Anything 'live' or straight to public should be with clear permission only.’

- ‘Very very bad. It’s important not to take for granted that people may have no desire to be posted to facebook’

- ‘It is nice when they ask, but people mostly don't anymore’

- ‘Unless you're in the witness protection program, I don't see what the problem is’

- ‘I actually quite like it, cos I'm a bit of a narcissist, but I can understand those who hate it. But it's a public space. I don't know.’



Thanks to Paraic MacDonnchadha for helping with the questions and Libby McCrohan for helping with the analysis.


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